Apartment with arched roof salon, artisan courtyard, 3 bedrooms

1190 Wien


If my being would enter into your being, and your being into my being.

This sublime desire is fulfilled by the melting together of two parts of a house whose dates of birth are separated by a century.

The result is a grandiose, upper-class residential complex that cannot be compared to anything else, where a symbiotic harmony of arched ceilings and light inlets, the shrine of a saint and the significant house facade of the past epoch with the part newly built in hypermodern architectural style have been realized in an exemplary manner.


The most prominent element of this building creation is represented by the concrete hybrid pentoasis, illuminated on both sides, as the result of a bold, extra-dimensional experiment, where, in addition to the sound and the light wall, the boundless imagination seems to have been broken through.


By passing through a virtual stargate, a partitionless, approx. 130m2 large, grandiose room, refined by a dazzling "architectural supernova" ceiling, opens up: only by using this daring living space non-dividing-technique will the multiple curved cross arched ceiling, built with rare structural refinement, together with its stylish arched supporting columns, be able to fully unfold its unique charm!

If already an artisanal house, then change the stage in no time at all: The living philosophy based on the principle of variable geometry made it possible to create three comfortable bedrooms! The splendour of the arched structure of the ceiling now keeps the resulting 45m2 magnificent salon to itself! 


Just sensationally the homologous radius of the circular floor mosaic made of hand splintered granite stones harmonizes with the typical artist yard flooded with mountain air from the Kahlenberg and the supporting columns of the interior decoration! 

The noble paradise of Nußdorf at the foot of the Kahlenberg mountain sends its regards!


I am at your disposal for questions and viewings!

Tel:  +43 676 60 24 667 or by email: ip@immomaster.at

With kindest regards

Mrs. Ildiko PARI

Infrastructure/Distances (POIs) Health: Doctor 81m Pharmacy 482m Hospital 2.095m Clinic 2.154m Children & Education: School 195m Kindergarten 1.574m University 850m Secondary school 1.008m Local supply: Supermarket 290m Bakery 113m shopping center 695m Other POIs: Bank 274m cash dispenser 274m Post office 306m Police 312m Traffic connections: bus 319m Tramway 46m Metro 1.175m Train station 376m Freeway access 600m


  • Fliesen
  • Gas
  • Fußbodenheizung
  • Kamin
  • Zentralheizung
  • Wohnküche / offene Küche
  • Personenaufzug
  • Dusche
  • Kabel / Satelliten-TV
  • Garage
  • Abstellraum
  • Alarmanlage
  • Fahrradraum
  • Seniorengerecht
  • Sicherheitskamera
  • KfW-Effizienzhaus 40
  • Mechanische Be- und Entlüftung
  • Räume veränderbar
  • Stuck
  • Trennwände Glas
  • Kabelkanäle Unterputz
  • Außenliegender Sonnenschutz
  • Doppel- / Mehrfachverglasung
  • Innenliegender Sonnenschutz
  • Öffenbare Fenster
  • Schallschutzfenster
  • Deckenleuchten
  • Getrennte Toiletten
  • Flachdach
  • Ziegel
  • Schlüsselfertig mit Keller
  • Besitzurkunde
  • Stadtblick


  • HWB B, 40.7 kWh/m2a
  • fGEE 0,77
  • gültig bis 18.10.2026

Infrastruktur/Entfernungen (POIs)


  • Bus 500 m
  • Straßenbahn / Bus 500 m
  • U-Bahn 1500 m
  • Bahnhof 500 m
  • Autobahnanschluss 1000 m


  • Supermarkt 500 m
  • Bäckerei 500 m
  • Einkaufszentrum 1000 m

Kinder & Schulen

  • Schule 500 m
  • Kindergarten 2000 m
  • Universität 1000 m
  • Höhere Schule 1500 m


  • Bank 500 m
  • Geldautomat 500 m
  • Post 500 m
  • Polizei 500 m


  • Arzt 500 m
  • Apotheke 500 m
  • Klinik 2500 m
  • Krankenhaus 2500 m

Angaben Entfernung Luftlinie / Quelle: OpenStreetMap